Posted on Aug 22, 2020

The Original Bike Taxi

Cyclists enjoying bike trails or road cycling routes, hiking groups, friends and families, and many others need a convenient place to stop, rest, eat or enjoy the day.

If you're a land owner, factory owner, local market, restaurant or coffee shop owner you may already have everything tired travelers need.

Shade, restroom, water, picnic table or car parking - These five things make people very happy and they're willing to pay for the service.

Check your local zoning, your local laws, check your insurance - make sure you do everything legal

Cyclists, hikers, many groups will plan their day and route around what services are available.

Something as simple as an old shelter or green house makes a perfect rest area for the growing market of cyclists and adventurers.

The Bicycle Seat provides not only a directory listing for your customers to find you through a search, but The Bicycle Seat also provides the tools to promote your product and service across social media near and far.

If you see groups passing your location by, then there is a business opportunity passing you by.
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