Posted on Aug 22, 2020

The Original Bike Taxi

Attention Limousine Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Local Delivery Drivers, Retirees, and anyone who makes money driving.

Limousine and Taxi Drivers check your insurance - bicycles on racks may be considered luggage and covered in your policy you already have. MANY DO!

Delivery Drivers check your insurance - bicycles may be considered cargo, same as a box or crate. Bicycles are much lighter than crates, Cyclists will hand you their bikes, Groups with bikes will pay much more that someone moving a couch. Never wait for dock space, worry about stairs, Hope their still open.

Everyone should make sure you do things legally. Your current business licence and insurance may have many uses you haven't thought about.

1,000,000,000 bikes on the roads today. 50% of new bike sales are E-Bikes. People changing vacation plans.

a) Bicycle Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service. People need to get their broken bikes to and from their local bike shops. E-Bikes are heavier than most racks can handle but very easy to load in a van or on a trailer.

b) Road Cycling - Century Riders. These people ride 100 miles and DO NOT want to think about getting home.

c) Trail Taxis and Shuttle Drivers. Buying Bike Racks - Finding Parking - Riding to the top of the hill or mountain - Most important, Being able to enjoy a beer after their ride. THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT TO RIDERS

d) Sightseeing tours, Support and Gear Vehicles, and more.
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